Konging a Frame
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This page is as close as I can get to a step-by-step "Konging" procedure. I've never done this mod, but I've collected enough pictures and info to put this together.

As with any step-by-step tech article you read online, if you choose to follow these directions and something goes horribly wrong, you're on your own. As I said above: I've NEVER done this myself. Obviously, before you take a hacksaw to your frame you should know what you're doing... and reading this article won't give you any background in metal fabrication, welding or anything else you need to know to make this work. I will add that it's best if you have an engine block in the frame to be sure that the mounts will still line up when you're done, but ideally you want to have a frame jig set up. There. Disclaimer done.

This page is a dedication to Richard "Kong" Wilkey (RIP). Personally, I only traded a handful of message board posts with the man, but everyone who knew him says that he was one of the best. So this is what I can do to honor him. I hope this page makes it easier for someone to Kong their bike, and thus, honor Kong's memory.

Step 1:
Cut the horizontal tubes just in front of the upper shock mounts, at the same angle as the rear-slanting tubes of the under-seat area.
Step 2:
Cut the forward-slanting tubes of the under-seat area off at the point where they meet the horizontal tubes.
Step 3:
Cut the horizontal tubes off at the point where they meet the front downtubes.
Step 4:
Cut the backbone supports off at the backbone.
Step 5:
Cut the gusseting off of the backbone to free the horizontal tubes you've just cut and remove them from the frame.
Step 6:
Look at what you did!! (If it looks like this pic, you done good so far!)
Step 7:
Let the fabrication begin! The easiest way to do this is to bend the tubes you just removed from the frame to meet your desired shape and angle. Your milage may vary. So cut all the other bracketry off of those pieces, sand the paint off the ends, bend 'em to fit and you're almost there! You'll also have to cut or grind the forward-slanting tubes to fit your newly-bent pieces.
Step 8:
The easiest way to keep things symmetrical is to get one side the shape you want it and use it as a guide when you bend the other side. Keep in mind if they're different shapes or welded at different angles your seat won't sit right and that will effect the way the bike rides.
Here's a couple pics of a Konged frame back from paint.
Here's a couple pics of Konged bikes.
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