Hondachopper Garage
Since most shops REFUSE to work on choppers, we've got to educate ourselves and build our skills in the garage. This will be the place to share your hard-won knowledge.
Last Updated: 07/06/2012
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The Hondachopper Garage Offline Reference CD The complete Garage on CD including the entire shop manual in ISO format. You'll need to burn the ISO to disk. The download link is in the first post in this thread.

. General Info

Hondachopper F.A.Q. A nice beginning to a much need F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions). Many THANKS to Fixn2 for putting this together! This is also available as an Adobe PDF.

HCB750 Model ID 69-78 Chart showing engine differences between years and models

OldMagic's CB750 F.A.Q. Check it out.

Metric to SAE bit/hole coversions Conversion table for SAE to Metric drill equvalents. This is also available as an Adobe PDF.

Vintage 750 Articles Old chop mag articles on performance tweaks, reviews, and other roadworthy reading.

Removing Broken Bolts Article by Copperhedz on how to remove broken bolts, in particular cover bolts. Also available as an Adobe PDF.

. Frame and Chassis

Removing Springs from Amen Savior Thanks to G.O.T.F. Member MickD for putting this together! Available only as Adobe PDF.

Legion CB 750 Frame Frank Woslum used his AutoCAD skills and detailed a kick-ass CB750 frame that any aspiring frame builder can use. The pics are LARGE (in size, not file size) so make sure you view @ 100%, otherwise the drawing will appear distorted.

Mounting a brake on a
Springer front end
"How do I mount a brake on a Springer fork?" seems to be a frequently asked question. So here is an explanation of the principals involved. MANY THANKS to Blackjack for writing this up!

Frame Alterations: 
The Art of Doing it Right
An excellent article on how to fit metal shapes, how and where to place different types of welds, welding sequence, and more. (Thanks! 836Rigid)

"Konging" a frame A walkthrough put together by Sixshooter on how to "Kong" a stock frame. This is also available as an Adobe PDF.

Crime Scene Choppers Frame Jig CSC's plans to build your own frame jig. Available as PDF or zipped JPG download.

Shortening Stock Forks Step by Step on how to shorten stock forks thanks to Olgraybeard and Bigmcgiv. This is also available as an Adobe PDF.

Wiring and Electrical

Troubleshooting Charging System Guide to troubleshooting the charging system done by CrazyCats.

Santee Wiring Instructions Wes Erickson was kind enough to throughly detail instructions for wiring up your Santee box. THANKS WES! Avaialable only as Adobe PDF.

CB750 K1 - Stock Wiring Diagram Um, the Stock K1 Wiring Diagram. This is also available as an Adobe PDF.

DOHC Reg/Rect to SOHC system Simple to follow diagram adapting DOHC Reg/Rect to the SOHC system drawn up (literally!) by Rick. THANKS Rick! This is also available as an Adobe PDF.

Simplified Wiring Diagram You may find this useful too if you're in electrical HELL!! THANKS to RICK KEEVER for the addition of color and correction to the regulator & ignition switch. (updated 8/14/04) This is also available as an Adobe PDF.

Finch Box Wiring Diagram How to wire a Finch box thanks to Mr. Barnett. This is also available as an Adobe PDF.

Simplified Dyna Diagram Simplified Dyna ignition wiriing diagram provided by Jaysco. This is also available as an Adobe PDF.

Step-by-Step Guide to
Wiring Your Honda Chopper
Here's a great article from the pages of an August 1975 Street Chopper magazine. Thanks for the scanning!

Build Your Own Santee Wiring Box Many thanks to Keith Barnett for drawing out these simple diagrams!

Original Santee Instructions A scan of the original Santee chopper wiring diagrams. Big thanks to G.O.T.F. member Paladin333 for sharing 'em!

ARD CDI Magneto Manual Complete ARD Magneto installation instructions and manual. Thanks to Boogieman we now have the FM version HERE.

Martek 440 Instructions Martek 440 Electronic Igntion instructions (could use better scans)

Dyna S Installation Dyna S Installation instructions in PDF format.

. Engine and Drive Train

Static and Strobe Tuning Static timing using a meter and strobe tuning. This is also available as an Adobe PDF

Oil Flow Diagrams Oil Flow Diagrams (in both Smaller and Larger sizes). This is also available as an Adobe PDF.

Making 750A Gaskets Making lower end gaskets for the 750A provided by Hendrcs, but applies to any gaskets. There are printable templates included.

Porting the CB750 If you're thinking about increasing your CB750's displacement to add horsepower, then you'll certainly be interested in how the porting process happens. PDF Only's Technical Library Excellent archive of CB750-related technical articles and tutorials! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Carb Tuning and Misc. Info An old dog's collection of tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for those hated carbs. Also avaialbe as separate Adobe PDFs.

Carburetor Specs for U.S. CB750
Models 1969-1983
A technical specification chart for Keihin carbs. This is also available as an Adobe PDF.

Mikuni Twin Tuning Manual Tuning and specs for the Mikuni twin carbs.

Mikuni VM Tuning Manual Tuning and specs for the Mikuni VM carbs.

Intake Systems and Manifolds Shots of various intakes systems used on the SOHC CB750 (POSA, Weber, etc.)

Optimizing the Standard
SOHC4 Ignition System
An excellent introduction to the CB750 points ignition system by Wrenchbender.

Sprocket Ratio Chart Sprocket gearing ratio chart. This is also available as an Adobe PDF.

Tire Conversion Charts Common Metric - Alphabetical - Inch tire charts and speed/load rating codes. This is also available as an Adobe PDF.