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Any Chopper project is a collaborative effort. For your ride to come together right, it'll require your resourcefulness, your hard-earned-cash, and the help and support of your buds!

Larry vs. Bob:
Battle of the CB750 and CB500 Amen Saviors
Round ONE of a heavy-weight battle! Read along as these two friends rescue two aging and under-utilized Amen Savior frames and begin on their quest toward true ChopperHedz-dom!

WARNING: Liberal use of Krylon and other rat-bike techniques are employed. This article may not be suitable for posers.

Round TWO finds the boys breaking their backs and knuckles swapping engines. Trouble with the wife fuels Bob's work and a friend comes through for Larry.

Part 1: Read on as Jim builds his first chopper. See Jim hack. See Jim drill. See Jim learn to love the rubber mallet!! 
Part 2: Jim designs a set of home-made forward controls for his chop.
Part 3: It's all about the frame. Thus, Jim says a big THANK YOU to the Bondo gods!! 
Part 4: Can you smell what Jim is cooking? Smells like, well, it smells like a damn CHOPPER!!

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