Carburetor Information
U.S. CB750 Models 1969-1978
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Repairing 77-78 carb accelerator pump valves - Pg 1
One of the most annoying and difficult things to clean or replace on the carbs everyone loves to hate are the accelerator pump valves. Although it's an ingeniously simple and effective design, it was not designed to withstand the abuse many idiots put them through by leaving gas in the carbs to rot and permanently clog the valves. You can tell if the valves are not working by putting your mouth over the inlet (arow) and pushing air through it. If no air will pass or will but when you suck on it like a straw air can flow both ways it's not going to do much for you when you yank the throtte. If you want it to work it's time to clean up the tiny bits inside. Here's the list of "stuff" to git er done...
1. PIn vise or other small bit chuck, here I am using an older X-acto knife with the crossed slots.
2. Very small wood/plastic screw, and I do mean small. This I stripped from a dead alarm clock.
3. A phillips head screwdriver that fits the screw well, one with a magnetic tip makes the job a lot easier.
4. Drill bit aobut 1.25mm or so, any larger and you make the walls of the nylon retainer too thin to re-use, any smaller and the threads on the screw might not grab and hold.
5. Not picutred but used is some WD-40, a small center punch, Needlenose with tiny tip, small standard precision screwdriver, air pistol with small nozzle, and small wad of fine steel wool along with a clean rag.
Before we get started, no comments about my knarly greasy hands! I turn my own wrenches an it's just something that happens when I do.
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