Carburetor Information
U.S. CB750 Models 1969-1978
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Static and strobe timing an old houndog CB750 - Pg 1
Note: Static timing is usually done when the timing has not been set at all such as after an engine rebuild or when the timing plate(s) are replaced. This can be skipped if the bike will run well enough to go straight to strobe timing but some of what is done for static timing is also done for strobe timing. In this case read through but for the most part only the last page would apply.

The first order of business is gathering the tools you'll need. Some things can be substituted such as the anolog multimeter. In it's place you can use several test leads (wires with alligator clips at both ends), a D cell flashlight battery, and a bulb out of a cheapie Wally World flashlight. I don't have a shot of this right now but when I have a chance I'll add this as well.

1. Timing light, preferrably the inductance type. Mine is just a cheapie I bought at either Wally World or Autozone.
2. Analog multimeter. Digital works also but I find the needle is easier to see out of the corner of my eye. Some digitals have an audible "continuity mode" which is even easier but for economical and practical purposes I used the anaog meter.
3. Phillips screwdriver for the timing plate screws and long flat screwdriver for tapping the plates into time.
4. Small hammer for tapping. I'm using a wooden hammer here but a tack hammer or plastic headed hammer is also fine (carpenter's or ball peen might be a bit heavy to lightly tap in small increments).
5. Larger adjustable wrench to turn the crank using the timing stud nut. Note:  With higher compression engines (overbored or fresh rings, etc.) it might help to temporarily pull the plugs from the cylinder head. This will eliminate compression resistance and make it easier to be more accurate when turning the crank.
6. 5.5mm socket or wrench. Here I had to use a 7/32" as I don't have a 5.5mm and it appears that's what size the nut and bolt are on my points. A small 4" adustable wrench or short needlenose pliers will also work.
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