Carburetor Information
U.S. CB750 Models 1969-1978
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Static and strobe timing an old houndog CB750 - Pg 3
Loosen the three screws that hold the entire timing plate in place. I have replaced mine with small bolts but you will likely have phillips screws. Lightly tighten the timing plate screws to where they are just barely snugged up. You want to keep a little friction on the timing plate or it will turn feely and it won't want to stay where you set it. Snug enough that the plate won't move on it's own but not so tight you are unable to nudge it back and forth.
Use a long standard screwdriver and and nudge it all the way clockwise (image above). Try to avoid using the points  themselves or their mounting screws to tap as this could knock the points gap out of whack and you'd be spitting in the wind from there on out until the points are gapped again. YUP! Done that, been there. You should be fairly safe using the screws (red arrows) or the screwdriver tits on the outside edge of the timing plate (green arrows) as shown in the image below. Just make sure your screwdriver hand is steady before you get to tapping. ;-)
The meter at this point should read 0 ohms (image below).
Okay, quick check: F mark for jugs 1-4 is lined up with the index mark and the meter reads 0 ohms. So far so good. Gently tap the plate counter-clockwise until the needle on the meter finally moves showing inifinite resistance (the other end of the scale in the image below). This is where the points begin to open and break contact.
To check how close you are turn the crank clockwise until the needle on the meter moves again, then turn the crank in the other direction unitl it moves once more. Make note of where the F mark is when the needle moves in both directions. It should move right about the same time the F mark and index mark line up. Bear in mind we are not shooting for sniper accuracy here, but getting in the ballpark so the bike will fire up and run well enough to set the timing properly.
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