Carburetor Information
U.S. CB750 Models 1969-1978
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Boring 77-78 carb pilot jets for pods and open headers - Pg 1
Note: Boring the pilot jets on the 77/78 CB750 carbs is only necessary if you intend to run freeflow air cleaners such as a breadbox or pods, and if open headers such as drag pipes are planned as well it's alomst mandatory. Here's a list of what is needed:
1. WD-40 or other cutting oil to help prevent bit binding.
2. Small bit chuck or older X-acto knife with the crossed slots. I've also been told a pin vise will work also.
3. A .45mm high speed jobber bit. These bits are designed to be used on brass alloys and have a different cutting pitch as well as flutes than a standard bit. I picked up mine through KBC Tool and Machinery for about 77 cents each, their part number: 1-091-0045
4. Small milk jug lid or similar to hold the cutting oil so you can dip the bit in it between jets.
5. A piece of tape to hold the jets at the edge of the bench and a piece of wood to clamp down on them while you bore them out. The reason I do not use a vise is because it is not difficult at all to distort the jets and evvectively ruin them. It doesn't take much ot hold them in place while you bore them out. Of course a couple of small bar clamps or C-clamps to clamp the wood down.

Before we get started, no comments about my knarly greasy hands! I turn my own wrenches an it's just something that happens when I do.

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