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Special Recognition and Titles
Our Veterans
The Engine
Old Diagrams
New Diagrams (All K, F, and A, models)
K Series
Engine Mods
The Hondachopper Gallery
Honda Chopper Bible
The Halmstad Sweden Honda Chops
Forward Controls
Project Chopper
AMEN Catalog
Vintage CB750 Frame Ads
The Hondachopper Garage Offline Reference CD/Shop Manual
----General Info----
Hondachopper F.A.Q.
The BEST Investment is a CB750 SOHC SHOP MANUAL
Second Best Investment if you intend to own a CB750 SOHC?
What does G.O.T.F. stand for?
Where can I upload pics so I can share them with others?
Are there any Chopperhedz in my area?
What year was my bike built?
How can I get my bike posted in the Gallery?
YuKu (the forums) Questions
Carbs Section: What type are my carbs?
How do I clean the carbs?
Where can I get Carb Rebuild Kits?
Running Pods and Drag Pipes where should I jet?
The Mill: Which oil line is feed and which is return?
Found Metal shaving in my oil pan, Should I be worried?
Big Bore Kits...
Electrical Hell: How do I wire this Beotch?
Sawsall's Words of Wisdom on Alternators and such:
Maxi-Dwell Instructions...
Cam Chain Adjustment...
Valve Adjustment...
Chains and such: What size Chain do I need?
Sprocket Ratio Chart?
Frames: What frame do I have?
Rake and Trail?
Shop Essentials:
Some asshole keeps winning all the cool chopper parts on ebay!.
Where to find parts?
Engine Shipping?
What are the laws in my State for Motorcycles?
OldMagic's CB750 F.A.Q.
Metric to SAE bit/hole coversions
Vintage 750 Articles
Honda 750 to 850 Super Cube Hop-Up
Installing a Barnett Clutch
How Bolt-On are Bolt-On Carbs?
Installing a Honda 750 Cam
Vacuum Guage Carb Sync
Testing the "Instant Power" Exhausts
Fender Oil Tank
Collector Header Guide: Perf for Choppers
Lacing a Hub
Flow Bench Porting the 750 Head
Secrets of Buying a Sae Springer
How to Turn Junk Into a Truing Stand
Tuning the Honda 750
The Yoshimura 750
----Frame and Chassis----
Removing Springs from Amen Savior
Legion CB 750 Frame
Mounting a brake on a Springer front end
Frame Alterations: The Art of Doing it Right
"Konging" a frame
Hosfeld Tube Bender
Crime Scene Choppers Frame Jig
Shortening Stock Forks
----Wiring and Electrical----
Santee Wiring Instructions
CB750 K1 - Stock Wiring Diagram
DOHC Reg/Rect to SOHC System
Simplified Wiring Diagram
Finch Box Wiring Diagram
Simplified Dyna Diagram
Step-by-Step Guide to Wiring Your Honda Chopper
Build Your Own Santee Wiring Box
Original Santee Instructions
ARD CDI Magneto Manual (Also FM Version)
Martek 440 Instructions
Dyna S Installation
----Engine and Drive Train----
Static and strobe timing
Oil Flow Diagrams
Making 750A Gaskets (actually most gaskets)
Porting the CB750's Technical Library
Carb Tuning
Setting Float Levels
Bench Synchronication
Bowl vent/tube diagrams
WTF is a Plug Chop???
Carb Buying Tips
Idle Screw Modification
Boring the 77/78 Pilot Jets
Repairing the 77/78 Accelerator Pump Valves
Static and strobe timing is also included
Keihin Carburetor Tuning Guide
Carburetor Specs for U.S. CB750 Models 1969-1983
Intake Systems and Manifolds
SOHC4 Ignition System by Wrenchbender
Sprocket Ratio Chart
Tire Conversion Charts
(The Forums) Gear
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(This changes too often to provide direct links to each item)


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